Console EL CAPITAN – Part 3 – Decorating with Gilding, Promotion and Final Assembly

My main worry regarding gilding the small finishing details was that the shade of gold on the painted strip would look different than that on the military emblem. For painting the gold strip I purchased Johnstone’s Revive Metallic Paint Gold from a local The Range store. I changed the routine this time, I ventured to find a cheaper quality masking tape as my yellow Frogtape ran out. Some searching and I decided to try Prodec Advance Precision Edge Masking Tape from Toolstation – half of the price of yellow frog. It did the job okay, very sharp edges, low tack, etc., the only downside was that the tape is much less flexible and tears more often.

I coated the strip four times and the effect and the ‘goldness’ were amazing. Then I realized that I can also gild the hat emblem with the same paint to avoid a potential mismatch. Here was the moment when I decided to add more details to the front of my console. If I could paint the details to get a consistent gold finish then I could pick more emblems. I went for military stars used for shoulder epaulets to rank Russian soldiers. I added three stars to either side of the centerpiece and thus promoted my console table to the captain rank. I thought that the table’s name could actually reflect some wider revolutionary theme so changed the name from the Comrade to El Capitan. You can see below that the gilding came pretty good meaning all details got the same uniformed shade of gold.

The next day before I finally assembled the console, I sealed the frontage and the gold details spraying clear matt Rust-Oleum Polyurethane Finish on it. The project was now complete. What I learned from watching and following other upcyclers on social media, when photographing the finished piece for sale, the staging is king. The more additional props such as plants, pictures, vases, etc. the comments have more wows.

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