Coffee Table JAVA – Part 3 – Glass Top to Timber Top Transformation

The component elements were ready, so it was time for a final assembly. First of all, I glued the 12mm MDF substrate to the underside of the frame with my favorite adhesive The Dog’s B*ll*cks Adhesive and Sealant. It is like a clear silicone but tougher. It’s quite expensive but I use it for most applications as it really sticks to everything. When the glue dried up, I bonded the actual top to the substrate using the same glue.

Originally, each leg was fixed to the frame with a single countersunk bolt. I was not going to change that but the whole structure seemed to be a bit wobbly so I decided to add additional brackets to be fixed between the legs and the underside of top for better rigidness. For this purpose, I sourced some steel angle plates from a local Toolstation store, drilled holes in the legs, and fixed the brackets using self-tapping screws and MDF screws.

The coffee table was now finished. I only applied a thin layer of clear wax (Johnstone’s Revive Finishing Wax) for better protection. The table fits our living room in terms of style and colour so we decided to keep it as our main coffee table. The only downside is that the structure is still a bit wobbly. We are now in the middle of the Covid pandemic but when it is all over, I’m going to buy a welder and solder the legs to the frame. You can follow the Story tab to see how it’s done in the near future.

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