Bench GATSBY – Part 2 – Sanding with Liquid Sander

As I mentioned in my previous post, I sanded my bench with a liquid sander. I purchased a bottle of Polycell Liquid Sanding from an online store. I can honestly say that I’m quite disappointed with the results. Here is how it worked. First thing I created a tool to rub the stuff into the white paintwork. I trimmed my old brush with scissors so that to get a better pressure when brushing.

The label on the bottle says to ‘apply the liquid using a firm, circular rubbing motion’ so I did. Three times. Next, I wiped off the residues with a sponge and water ensuring nothing was left. It turned out the gloss parts were still glossy when cleaned out so it wasn’t actually what I’d expected to achieve. Definitely it cleaned thoroughly all the surfaces, which is good, as no greasy stains were left but to be on the safe side, I gave it a round of a light sanding with an old fashion sanding paper. One good thing that happened was that I only used probably an eighth part of the bottle’s content which means the stuff is pretty efficient. Yeah, that sounds funnily, useless but efficient.

I’m not going to give up. I think the liquid sander is still good enough for matting small details or areas difficult to be reached by sanding paper. I’m also going to find on the market a similar product which is more ‘professional’, probably also more expensive. The bench is now ready for final painting.

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