Bench GATSBY – Part 4 – Distressed Finish and the Finale

The work that came next was not too exciting, just more masking. I taped the pink areas with low tuck masking tape. It is the yellow round box on the photo below, my favorite Frogtape Delicate Surface tape. I usually use this tape for most of my decoration jobs as it ensures very sharp edges and doesn’t peel off the paint below when being removed. It’s quite expensive as for a masking tape but the quality comes at a price. Larger areas I covered with a Mottez Stretch Film, which is a similar stuff to the standard kitchen cling film only larger and stronger.

I applied three coats of GoodHome Liberty Matt black paint and one coat of water based GoodHome Durable Lacquer Matt to fix the black finish andthe overall effect seemed to be a bit boring to me. I thought at that moment what actually was the point of changing white bench into black? I needed to find an answer and a new design solution.

Accidentally when I was shopping at a local Range store, my attention was caught by a tin of silver furniture paint – Johnstone’s Metallic Paint. I made a quick decision to re-coat the black finish with the silver paint and rub down the edges to expose some black from behind. I bought and customized a little bit the silver paint by mixing in some black to finally achieve a dark grey graphite colour. It is the first tin from the right on the photo below. Next, I made some tests on a piece of wood mimicking all the coats I wanted on my bench and distressed them with a wad of steel wool Trollull Plumber’s Choice. The result was pretty good to me although I think I waited too long and the silver coat got too hard. The lesson was learned though.

I re-coated the black frame with the new graphite finish, rubbed down the edges until the distressed look was satisfactory enough, then I removed the masking and applied two final coats of Ronseal Polyurethane Clear Varnish. I described the benefits of using this varnish in my previous post but what appeared to be a recent disappointing discovery regarding this product was that it smelled bad for many days.

The project was now finished.

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